Best Buds

Sometimes, I have an idea and I need to execute it stat. That’s what happened yesterday. Yes, I have about 5 paintings on the go already, but I just had this one idea, so I went with it. It started off like this…

I started with a simple background
Then added a man and his best friend
Then cleaned it up a bit and was left with this
Best Buds
Side view

Last night, my friend came over (Hi Anna!) and as if right on cue, we got talking about our pups back home. We both mentioned how even though we each have a little lap dog, the dog and our dads are literally best friends. It’s such an odd combo, since you don’t often expect little lap dogs to bond with grown men. But I guess there is just some kind of special bond between a man and a dog, regardless of size. Just for fun, here is a pic of my pup back home.

All dressed up for Valentine’s Day!

Is your dog your best bud? I wish mine was, but like I mentioned, he picked my dad over me… *tear*tear*

Pink Overkill

I “finished” the painting I was working on for my mom this afternoon…the one with the pink and purple flowers…


I think it is safe to say I went a little overboard with the pink/purple…. What is it about these colours that I am so drawn to them? Not just when painting, but in all aspects of my life. Looking around my apartment, I notice that the majority of my wardrobe falls into this category, as well as my travel mug, my iPod, my pencil case, my school binders, my nail polishes, even my coyboy hat is pink! This is kind of embarrassing… So I googled it. And our dear friends at google had this to say about the colours pink and purple:


“Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, self-worth and love, acceptance.”

“Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being
the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is
believed to be the ideal color. Purple is the color most favored by artists

Alright, well that answers a few questions. I certainly do like the feelings that pink provides, and purple is the ideal color, and most favored by artists. So with that, I’m gonna keep abusing using them.


Do you like the Before or After better? Should I calm down the pink background a bit or leave it as is? Right now, I’m leaning towards redoing the background and maybe throwing in some very subtle light browns/greens.


Are you drawn to a certain color? Do you happen to know what that color represents?

What Am I Working On?

I’ve got a handful of paintings on the go right now. I usually don’t like to show my paintings to anyone before they are completed because they just don’t look good in the beginning stages. Having said that, I’ll show you the beginning stages of several paintings and then I will post the finished product as soon as they are done. Maybe this will encourage me to get the ball rolling on them!

18×24″ Acrylic on Canvas. I literally shiver when I look at this! It looks absolutely nothing like what I imagine the finished product will look like. I hope I can make it happen like I visualize it….
Oil on Canvas – The white lines are some guidelines I added with chalk once the oil paint was dry.
Here you can see that I’ve started to build up the bridge and added some colour to the water. Any idea what bridge this is? Hint, look at the painting above.
Acrylic on Canvas – 18×24″ – I’m at a bit of a standstill with this one. It was initially done for my mom to match some towels in the bathroom, however the white background is just not doing it for me. I think I’m going to tackle this one next since it’s bugging me so much… Wish me luck, I think I’ll need it!

So that’s it for paintings I have actually started. I also have a handful of ideas floating around in my head and blank canvases in my apartment waiting for some paint…

What do you think of the beginning stages of a painting? Can you imagine what the finished product will look like? This can sometimes be difficult since you can’t read the painter’s mind… Even though I obviously know what I want the finished product to look like, I still often don’t finish a painting because I get discouraged early since it never looks good in the beginning.

“Reading” Week

I spent the last week at home in London for Reading Week, which quickly turned into Painting Week. It was glorious! I started with a trip to my parents basement, grabbed a dozen or so old paintings, and covered them in white paint. Trust me, they needed that.. they were being stored in the basement for a reason! In retrospect, I kind of wish I took some pictures to show you some of the “art” I created back in the day. It would give you a good laugh.

Anyways, once I got started painting, I couldn’t stop. Six days later, and I’ve got a whole new collection looking for homes. Here’s a glimpse of what I threw together:

Snowy Water Pump – three 16×20″ canvases
Cityscape –  acrylic on 36×24″ stretched canvas
Dancing in the Rain – three 8×10 canvases
Perception – three 12×16 panels
London Ladies – acrylic on 16×20″ stretched canvas

As you might be able to tell, I was kind of on a roll with a palette knife. I haven’t used one much in the past, but once I got comfortable with it, I didn’t want to pick up a paint brush again! For starters, you don’t even have to wash the knife when you’re done/changing colours – a simple wipe is enough. So. Much. Easier. Than. Washing Brushes. WOW!

Which painting is your favorite ?

My favorite painting, by far, is the one called London Ladies. It is of my best girlfriends in London and I, and there are little nuances specific to each one of the girls. I plan on taking this one back to Ottawa and cramming it on the walls in my apartment (somewhere…. somehow). It just warms my heart to be reminded of these amazing ladies. Love you <3

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