Walk of Arts Painting Redone

So I tackled the painting I did in the Walk of Arts (see post below) this morning.

Starting point:

Poor girl needs some meat on those bones…

Step 1:

Started by eliminating the problem…

Finished Product:

Ta da!

What do you think of the “makeover”?

Did you like the original better or the redone one?

I like the redone one more. I think the dancer looks more realistic and there’s more movement in the painting overall, which better represents the original theme of ‘Dance’.

Walk of Arts 2012

On October 4th I participated in Ottawa University’s Walk of Arts. It is a painting competition put on by the Community Life Services on campus. We were given a bunch of painting supplies, and two hours to paint something with the theme of dance (which was given to us right before the clock started).

Walk of Arts 2012

There were so many talented painters. It was incredible to see what some people were able to complete in such a short amount of time.

Works in progress…

After 2 hours, this is what I came up with. Not my best work for sure, but considering we only had two hours, I’m quite pleased.

My finished product

I bet you’re wondering who the winners were. Here they are!

3rd Place
3rd Place
2nd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
1st Place

┬áIncredible eh?! Very well deserved. There were so many amazing paintings that I’m thankful I didn’t have to be a judge.

I plan on fixing up/finishing my painting sometime this week, and I will post what I come up with here.

What painting is your favorite from the winners? The winning one is clearly incredible. I really like the second place one too, and want to point out that the fellow who painted it was done it probably less than 1.5 hours. He just powered it out like it was nothing.

Welcome to Agata’s Art Corner

Hi and welcome to my little corner in the art blogging world.

My goals for this blog are to evolve as an artist and to develop my own style of painting. I still have not established what that is. If you’ve seen my past paintings, you will notice that there is rarely any consistency in the ‘style’ of painting. This is mainly because I’m usually inspired by someone else’s work, and try to recreate it, essentially giving up my own painting identity.

Having said that, I will try to paint from my own experiences and inspirations from now on, except in the rare circumstances when I am painting a commissioned piece.

I will also post my works in progress so you can see how I get from a blank canvas to a finished product.

I hope you enjoy following me on my adventures with a paintbrush! I love your comments so please don’t be shy and say hi ­čÖé

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