Sunshine and Summertime

So summer has “officially” been here for a few days now, but we’re definitely still waiting on the sunshine. Until the sun decides to grace us with its presence, I hope this painting brightens up your days 🙂

Here’s the progression of my work:

Progress Collage

And a zoomed in view of the daisy

Zoomed in on the flower
Zoomed in on the flower
Side View
Side View

And the finished product

Vibrant Daisy - 12x16" - Acrylic on Canvas
Vibrant Daisy – 12×16″ – Acrylic on Canvas


I hope this painting brightens up your day. I know painting it certainly brightened up mine.

This painting is now SOLD.


Spring Cleaning!

My oh so luxurious 395 square foot apartment has gotten slightly crowded lately so it is time for some spring cleaning! Not the boring bathtub and tile scrubbing kind (kill me) but rather the art selling kind. What does this mean for you?

It means I’m auctioning off several of my paintings on eBay, all bids starting at $0.01, and no reserve price!!! Auctions start Monday June 17 and end Monday June 24, 2013. 


Check them out here. Happy Bidding!!!

Also, if you are interested in a painting that is for sale but not part of the auction, feel free to contact me with an offer. I’m working on several large paintings and space is really becoming an issue in that “luxurious” apartment of mine.


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