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[Sorry for the delay in this post… I blame computer issues and being otherwise busy…]

I mentioned earlier in July that I decided to try advertising on my blog to see if I could generate some sort of income from it. A lot of you seemed very interested in how this would work out so I decided to share all the details with you.

I know when I was researching if this was a good idea of not, I couldn’t find any information with exact numbers ($$$ wise) to help me make a decision, so hopefully if you’re considering this for your own blog, it can shed some light on the reality of it.

So for the month of July (or more specifically July 6th-31st), check out the report below.

July 2013 - Google AdSense Report
July 2013 – Google AdSense Report

Specifically, I made $25.97 from 45 clicks on ads which came from a total of 3488 page views in that time period.

July 6-31, 2013 Page-views
Page-views for July 6-31, 2013


As you can see in the graph above, my page views peak when I actually post something, which in July only occurred 6 times. That’s unlikely to increase anytime soon since I don’t have anything interesting to say beyond that, but for those people who post everyday, I assume they can get a much more significant income from advertising. So basically, I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon, but I can see how people with very popular sites might.

You may have noticed that the ads are now gone… apparently there was some policy breaking activity going on on my blog so AdSense disabled my ads. There’s an appeal process so I’m going to give that a shot although I have a feeling they’re gone for good. Posting all this info probably isn’t going to help my case haha. Less clutter this way anyways. And this also means that I’m not even going to get my $25 since they don’t give you your money until you reach $100…. Ummm, kind of sketchy, no?

For the bloggers out there, any questions about advertising on your blog? Shoot them my way, I’d love to help with the little teeny tiny bit of experience I have! 

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