Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!! 

18x24" - Festive Floral
18×24″ – Festive Floral – Acrylic on Canvas

I hope you all get to spend it with those nearest and dearest to you.

Zoomed in on flowers
Zoomed in on flowers

And remember that the best gift of all is love.

Another zoomed in section
Another zoomed in section

But art is a close second, since it is made with love 😉


Thank you all for stopping by and reading and supporting my passion. I love you all very much and wish I could give each and every one of you a giant hug. A cyber hug will have to do in this case. Thank you again and Merry Christmas!

And yes, this painting is for sale. It can be found here. Or on Etsy


I’ve had plenty of time to paint lately since I’ve been on holidays since December 9th. Expect an onslaught of new paintings showing up on the blog in the upcoming weeks. Even more exciting is that they’re all huge. No more 12×16″ canvases over here. I stocked up on a bunch of giant canvases (24×36″ and larger) and I’ve just been going to town. Large paintings make me happy so I’m gonna stick with it.

Let’s start with this one. You should probably know by now that I like rain and umbrellas. At least painting them. Not a fan of the stuff in “real life” at all.

I started with the background which was all done with a palette knife. Also my favorite way to paint since you’re basically throwing paint on a canvas and just moving it around. Cheaper than therapy. More fun than therapy. Sign me up.


And right after this dried, I added in the foreground, and got the finished piece. I’ve been slacking with taking progression photos since I’ve been taking less breaks (and that’s usually when I would snap some pictures). I’ll work on it 🙂

Hastiness - 24x36" Acrylic on Canvas
Hastiness‘ – 24×36″ Acrylic on Canvas

I named this painting ‘Hastiness’ because I don’t know about you, but when I’m walking in the rain, especially if I’m all dressed up, my pace definitely picks up. Get me somewhere warm and dry asap please!

Also, it’s a good reminder to slow down. I know my mind has been going a million miles a minute lately with “what ifs“. Finishing school and entering the real world (round 2 for me) can be exciting but there’s also a lot of uncertainty which can be scary.

Zoomed in view of lady with the umbrella
Zoomed in view of lady with the umbrella

I’m trying to remind myself to slow down, relax, and just go with the flow. Things have a way of working out, right? Please tell me I’m right!

Zoomed in view of the background
Zoomed in view of the background

I tried to do a little photo shoot with this painting in my parent’s living room to give you an idea of size. It’s really the perfect size to be a focal point in a room.

I think the door helps set a frame of reference
I think the door helps set a frame of reference

And here’s one more just for fun. Or maybe because I snapped about 20 and it seems like a waste to only show you one…

living room

Hopefully noticeable in the photos above, but the painting is done on a gallery wrapped canvas (art speak for ‘the canvas is 1.5″ deep, without staples on the edges, and the edges are painted, therefore it doesn’t require a frame’).

Do you have trouble slowing down and just going with the flow?  How do you deal with that? We all know I do, and clearly painting is my way of dealing with it. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you’re interested in purchasing this original painting, it is available for sale in my online store here.

Gift Giving Made Easy

As many of you know, I’ve been a “professional student” for the last 7.5 years which didn’t exactly leave me with much of a disposable income. When it comes to gift giving, it’s almost inevitable that I am going to paint you something. Luckily, my friends and family seem to prefer this to store bought gifts anyways, so it seems to work out (or at least that’s what they tell me haha).

My mom’s 50th birthday was December 1st, and leading up to it, she gave me her wish list.

She wanted this painting.
She wanted this painting.

But MUCH bigger.

Okay, great, I can do that.

Ta Da! Is 30x40" big enough for you?
Ta Da! Is 30×40″ big enough for you?

To put it in perspective, here it is relative to me. Clearly, it is MUCH bigger than the original 16×20″ that I’m holding in the earlier picture.

Please pardon the terrible lighting...
Please pardon the terrible glare from the lighting…

Luckily, my mom seemed to love it, and she also had a wonderful night celebrating her 50th birthday.

And here it is proudly displayed in its new home
And here it is proudly displayed in its new home
And here it is again. Just because. I kind of really like all the colors.
And here it is again. Just because. I kind of really like all the colors.


Do you prefer store bought or homemade gifts? I personally LOVE anything homemade. I genuinely look forward to receiving cards more than gifts since they’re usually the only personalized part of a gift (assuming the person took the time to get one and actually write something meaningful in it). In fact, if you’ve ever given me a card and wrote more than just your name in it, I probably still have it 🙂 

Are you done your holiday shopping yet? If not, be sure to check out my online store of original paintings and prints, or contact me for a commissioned painting. There isn’t much time left, but I’m all done school now (FOREVER!) so I’ve got plenty of time to make something special for you 🙂 




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