7 Tips for Throwing a Painting Party

Paint Nites have been super popular among my friends lately. These are basically painting events hosted by a bar, where you are provided with all the required painting materials and an instructor to guide you through a relatively simple painting, and in a few hours you go home drunk and with a masterpiece to hang proudly in your living room. Theoretically. I basically copied this idea and used it as a way to get my friends to paint with me. Here are my 7 tips for throwing a painting party:

Tip 1 – Instruction. 

Someone needs to be the instructor to hold everyone’s hand. Most of your friends probably have never painted before so they will need step by step detailed instructions and it also helps for them to watch you. I have never taught anyone before and probably went way too fast and had zero patience and it still worked out, so chances are you will do much better. Basically just be in front of the room and paint slowly while verbalizing what you are doing. It doesn’t have to make sense.

My instructor easel, set up with everyone else facing it

Tip 2 – Booze. 

I provided the painting supplies and all my guests brought booze. The more the merrier, because  it obviously helps with everyone’s creativity. Just be careful not to dip your paint brushes into the wine. Or spill it on the carpet.



Tip 3 – Food. 

Because no one is happy when they are hungry, so make sure there is some food around. Finger foods are best so that you can still paint while snacking.


Tip 4 – Feedback. 

Um, excuse me, Miss, can I get some feedback?” was probably the most uttered sentence that night. Luckily everyone had been drinking so I didn’t have to really make sense with my “expert opinion.” But most people like feedback so be ready to help out and tell them how awesome their monkey inside their jar looks.

Can you spot the jar with the monkey inside?

Tip 5 – Planning. 

We planned this event about a week in advance and made a Facebook event for it where we set up a polling station so everyone could vote on the painting that they wanted to paint. I gave them 4 options, shown below. I think it helped get everyone excited for it.

Which one would you have picked?

Tip 6 – Fun.

Just have it. Lot’s of it. Since in the end, it really doesn’t matter what you paint. The point of the night is to have a good time with your friends.

Can you spot the black puppy?

Tip 7 – Puppies. 

Bring some. Because everyone needs a cute assistant.

Rex and Daisy being the cutest assistants ever. Rex ate all the crumbs off the floor so no one had to step on them.

And that’s it for my advice for throwing a kick ass painting party. Everyone agreed it was a great time and we are definitely going to do it again! You are all invited.

My paint night masterpiece

Have you ever been to an actual Paint Nite event? How was it? 

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