Ottawa Timeraiser Recap

This is a long overdue post that I wrote but then forgot to actually post but wanted to give recognition to this great event so that it can get more popular as the years go on. So from the archives…

The 6th Annual Ottawa Timeraiser took place on November 23rd, 2013 at the LeBreton Gallery at the Canadian War Museum. I was honored to be selected as one of the participating artists.

The event raised 4,565 volunteer hours for various charities in the Ottawa community, and also invested $12,317 in the careers of emerging Ottawa area artists. There were 32 incredible nonprofits and over 300 bidders/future volunteers in the room. 24 of the 27 pieces of artwork went for max bid (100 hours), mine included.

Here’s a small overview of some of the artwork at the event. But please take my word for it, this picture DOES NOT do it justice. The artwork was much more impressive in real life!

Click on the image to zoom in on any of the pieces.
Click on the image to zoom in on any of the pieces.

My favorite piece of the night was Parliament by Michael Toole, and it also happened to be the winner of the RBC Emerging Artist Award that night.


I think this was painted on some kind of tiles. Again, the picture doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

I kind of slacked on taking pictures that night since I only got to attend briefly (it was the same night as my Engineering Iron Ring Ceremony) but here are some that I did manage to snap.

My painting of the Alexandra Bridge that was selected for the show
My painting of the Alexandra Bridge that was selected for the show

The venue, the Canadian War Museum , was the coolest place in my opinion. There were war planes and tanks all around the displayed artwork.


My lovely parents were able to come join me here since they were already visiting Ottawa to come celebrate my Iron Ring night. Here they are with Michael Toole’s artwork.

My parents, my biggest fans, who were able to come join me

And that wraps up the review of the 2013 Ottawa Timeraiser. Again, I think this is such a great event and hope to see it grow in popularity every year. It takes place in 12 major Canadian cities every year so I hope that if you happen to be in any of these you consider going next year and supporting this great cause. Here is their website for more info: Timeraiser.


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