“New Year, New You” Nonsense

And just like that, another year of neglected New Year’s resolutions has come to an end. Last year, I made my painting goal to complete 3 paintings for myself. I even called this “a realistic goal” back when I set it, thinking that I will blow that number out of the water. NOPE. I actually completed an astounding ZERO. Yep, another forgotten year in my painting history. My house still only has paintings from 2013 and 2014 and thus none that I’ve done specifically for my house (since I bought it in 2016). Maybe this year will be different… I’m not holding my breath.

I did however, complete 3 commissioned paintings.  Then around September, decided to stop taking commissioned work so that I can do a few for people as gifts, and a few for myself. I completed 2 as gifts, and started a third one, but still none for myself. Here are two that I did for my mom for her birthday. She specifically told me what she wanted, since as my best customer, she knows I don’t like ambiguity.


18×24″ – Acrylic on Canvas – Sunflowers 1


18×24″ – Acrylic on Canvas – Sunflowers 2

A few years back (probably several years in a row actually) I made the resolution to learn a thing or two about photography, and by looking at these photographs of my paintings, it is obvious that that is another resolution that I never kept. Sigh. I also forgot to take photos as I was working on these paintings (which is likely because I crammed all the painting into a few days over the Christmas holidays so there were no obvious breaks when I could take pictures).

So this year, I’m going to take it even easier on my self with the whole New Year’s resolution stuff. My goal for the year is to continue painting whatever that entails. Between working full time, doing my Masters full time, keeping two dogs and a relationship alive, I am rather busy. There’s at least one painting that will be a gift that I want to finish then hopefully a couple for my house, although those would be a bonus. Setting the bar real low in terms of painting goals this year haha. Maybe there is a chance I will have a positive “Recap of 2017” post up next year.

Framed and hung in her living room

What are your goals for 2017 (painting or non-painting related)?




Rainy Night in NYC

Not too long ago, I spent the weekend in NYC. It was the rainiest weekend ever. This resulted in a lot of indoor activities. Luckily art galleries are generally indoors.

Some steam after all the rain
Some steam after all the rain

We went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) among other places, hoping to get inspired to paint. If I’m being completely honest (which I am) I’ll admit that I was quite disappointed by the lack of actual paintings there. Maybe I’m just not up to speed with modern art, but the majority of the art work there was just strange.

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I Love You

Sometimes, a client will have a fabulous idea and I simply make it come to life for them.

Before Christmas, a friend of mine contacted me to do a commissioned painting for her boyfriend. She wanted an abstract painting of a soundwave that she recorded of herself saying ‘I Love You‘.

Sound wave of "I Love You"
Sound wave of “I Love You”

Based off of this, she decided on the color scheme of reds and browns for the background and black and grey for the actual sound waves. We picked a size, 36×24″, and I got to work.

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After Midnight

And just like that, 2013 is behind us. Seriously, where does time go?! I hope you all had a wonderful night welcoming in the new year.

After Midnight - 36x24" - Acrylic on Canvas
After Midnight – 36 x 24″ – Acrylic on Canvas

I’m more than excited to start 2014.  I recently finished my engineering degree and now I’m ready to begin “real life”. I put this off for long enough, and now I’m ready to dive head first into it.

Zoomed in section
Zoomed in section

It wouldn’t be a New Years post without some talk about resolutions though, now would it?! I’ll stick to art ones since that’s the focus of this blog.

Another zoomed in section
Another zoomed in section

My big one is to finally redesign this website. I picked a random template one day and figured I’d eventually build my own website, with a logo and such, but that clearly has not happened. So now that it’s in writing, hopefully I’ll feel accountable and more pressure to get it done. Anyone have experience with website design and wanna lend me a hand? Seriously!!!

On 1.5" think gallery wrapped canvas
Side view – 1.5″ thick gallery wrapped canvas

The second big one is to learn how to take photos of my art. Truthfully, I should have done this ages ago. Most people who buy my artwork online and then see it in real life always comment on how much better it looks in real life than in my photographs. This post is a good example of that… First of all, there’s no glare in the actual painting (duh), yet I can’t seem to take a photo without it. There’s also a lot of texture to to the painting since I painted most of it with just a palette knife. Unfortunately, due to my lack of photography skills, you can’t really see that. But mark my words, in 2014, the photographs will improve. Now is when I ask for help again… Anyone with photography skills wanna lend me a hand??? Perhaps we swap for painting lessons? Or I’ll make you dinner…. Seriously!

After Midnight

And lastly, as much as I don’t want to write this in a public forum because then I am making myself accountable, in 2014 I plan on contacting galleries to see if I can get my art work into any of them. Eeeeeeeek. Just seeing that in writing already gives me butterflies in my stomach. Vulnerability, rejection…  kinda sounds like both the job hunt and dating market. It’s gonna be a blast, I’m sure haha. But now that it’s in writing, I have to at least try. Right? Right. Please hold me accountable! Several of you amazing readers have already given me names of local galleries that I should contact and I do have that list somewhere. I will dig it out in 2014 and actually put myself out there.

After Midnight

And with that, let’s wrap up 2013 and welcome in the new year. I’d like to thank each and every one of you for all your support in 2013. If I say this a lot, it’s because I really really mean it. I truly appreciate it so much that I wish I could give each and every one of you a giant hug and a new years kiss!

H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R    ! ! ! !

What are some of your new years resolutions?

Do you have photography or website design skills that you wanna lend this way? 

If you’re interested in this painting, After Midnight, it is available for sale here, or on Etsy.

Also, if you don’t already, you can Like me on Facebook to keep up to date on my art work.

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