Best Buds

Sometimes, I have an idea and I need to execute it stat. That’s what happened yesterday. Yes, I have about 5 paintings on the go already, but I just had this one idea, so I went with it. It started off like this…

I started with a simple background
Then added a man and his best friend
Then cleaned it up a bit and was left with this
Best Buds
Side view

Last night, my friend came over (Hi Anna!) and as if right on cue, we got talking about our pups back home. We both mentioned how even though we each have a little lap dog, the dog and our dads are literally best friends. It’s such an odd combo, since you don’t often expect little lap dogs to bond with grown men. But I guess there is just some kind of special bond between a man and a dog, regardless of size. Just for fun, here is a pic of my pup back home.

All dressed up for Valentine’s Day!

Is your dog your best bud? I wish mine was, but like I mentioned, he picked my dad over me… *tear*tear*

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