“Reading” Week

I spent the last week at home in London for Reading Week, which quickly turned into Painting Week. It was glorious! I started with a trip to my parents basement, grabbed a dozen or so old paintings, and covered them in white paint. Trust me, they needed that.. they were being stored in the basement for a reason! In retrospect, I kind of wish I took some pictures to show you some of the “art” I created back in the day. It would give you a good laugh.

Anyways, once I got started painting, I couldn’t stop. Six days later, and I’ve got a whole new collection looking for homes. Here’s a glimpse of what I threw together:

Snowy Water Pump – three 16×20″ canvases
Cityscape –  acrylic on 36×24″ stretched canvas
Dancing in the Rain – three 8×10 canvases
Perception – three 12×16 panels
London Ladies – acrylic on 16×20″ stretched canvas

As you might be able to tell, I was kind of on a roll with a palette knife. I haven’t used one much in the past, but once I got comfortable with it, I didn’t want to pick up a paint brush again! For starters, you don’t even have to wash the knife when you’re done/changing colours – a simple wipe is enough. So. Much. Easier. Than. Washing Brushes. WOW!

Which painting is your favorite ?

My favorite painting, by far, is the one called London Ladies. It is of my best girlfriends in London and I, and there are little nuances specific to each one of the girls. I plan on taking this one back to Ottawa and cramming it on the walls in my apartment (somewhere…. somehow). It just warms my heart to be reminded of these amazing ladies. Love you <3

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