Strings Attached

I’m really not sure what to write about today, but I have a painting I completed this morning that I wanted to share, so I’ll just leave you with that. Here goes.

Yeah you get the point
One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish

And TA DA!

48x20" - Acrylic on three 16x20" canvases
48×20″ – Acrylic on three 16×20″ canvases

A blog reader commented on the first painting I did in this series (of the acoustic guitar) and suggested I title it “Strings Attached.” I love the title, but I’m actually going to use it for the whole series of paintings instead. So this one would be the third in the series. Here it is displayed with the Electric Guitar.

Sorry about the misaligned shelf for anyone who's OCD...
Sorry about the misaligned shelf for anyone who’s OCD…
No more shelf. You can stop squirming.
No more shelf. You can stop squirming.

As someone with no musical talent, experience, or even much interest, I sure do paint a lot of instruments eh? I’m not gonna lie, I actually had to Google search “Saxophone” to get an idea of what one looks like since I don’t think I’ve ever seen one up close… maybe at a concert but I was probably distracted by the yummy musicians… Just being honest!

In other news, now that my blog is self hosted, I was able to create an online store. If you’re interested in this painting, check it out here.

Leave a comment (because I LOVE comments…online equivalent to getting snail mail!) and let me know what instrument you’d like to see next in the series. I’m thinking either a violin or a piano… 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 

Like this painting? The original is available for sale here.




Merry (super belated) Christmas/Happy Birthday

I started this painting back in December and it was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my brother and his girlfriend. A couple of days before Christmas, I knew it wasn’t going to happen so I abandoned it and just bought them something instead. After the holidays, I left to go back to Ottawa, and the canvas stayed behind in London.

Over 4 months later, I’m back in London, and this canvas was staring at me.


Conveniently, it was my brother’s birthday on April 16th, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to finish it up. I had only completed the background back in December so started by drawing some circles. Notice how they’re all so nice and symmetric? Clearly not done freehand. Nope. I used a lampshade, the lid from some body butter, and the lid from a paint container. I’m quite resourceful, no?

More circles
More circles

I added some more circles, and then some streaks throughout the background, and before I knew it, I had a finished painting.

24x36" - Abstract Circles
24×36″ – Abstract Circles
Side View
Side View

If I made this look really easy, then that’s because it was. You should try it! Painting is not as complicated as most people imagine it to be. So next time you need a gift for someone who already has everything, try painting something for them. And if you do, and you feel like e-mailing me a picture, I’d be happy to post it on the blog. []

Here it is hanging it their living room
Here it is hanging in their living room

Go. Paint. NOW. I’m off to do the same. Now that school is donzo, I’ve got plenty of time to dabble with a paint brush or two. I’ve got many many paintings on the go, and I’m really looking forward to blogging more regularly again and sharing my work with you.

And Happy 27th Birthday to my brother Maciek!!!

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