‘Big City Girl’ Time Lapse Video

I recently had someone contact me via Etsy and request a commissioned painting similar to City Girl except much larger. This made my heart sing since I love doing big paintings, but usually don’t unless they are commissioned since I just don’t have any more room for them in my apartment. Even more exciting is the fact that I had just figured out how to use a time-lapse app on my iPhone (LapseIt) and I was excited to give that a shot.

In under 4 minutes, see how I turned a blank white canvas into this painting, that I named Big City Girl (for obvious reasons).

36x24" - Big City Girl - Acrylic on Canvas
36×24″ – Big City Girl – Acrylic on Canvas

Disclaimer… please ignore

(i) my awful outfits and unbrushed hair (I didn’t realize I was going to be in the videos…)

(ii) the TV show going on in the background (it’s 30 Rock, in case you were wondering)

(iii) the several times when I block your view with my butt (a cinematographer I am not… this is clearly amateur hour)

(iv) the lighting (like I said, amateur hour)

Oh, and in case you’re watching this at work while you should be, you know, working, you may want to turn the sound off. There is music.

Let’s recap with a few photos. First the background.


 Some foreground.

Starting to add in some lights and shadows

Some more foreground.

Almost done!

 And donzo. Here she is displayed in my room.

Displayed in my room

And a side view.

Big City Girl - side

What did you think of the time-lapse video? (other than my outfits/hair/lighting issues)

Should I do this for future paintings? 

This painting is obviously sold already, but if you’re interested in a commissioned painting, more information can be found here.

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