7th Ottawa Timeraiser

Once again this year I am fortunate enough to have been selected as one of the artists for the Ottawa Timeraiser, taking place on November 8th, 2014 at the Canadian Museum of History (which is actually in Gatineau, but okay…). Here is your chance to go home with an original piece of artwork, valued up to $1000, by pledging to volunteer in the community for a certain number of hours over the next 12 months.

Preview of the artwork being auctioned off this year
Preview of the artwork being auctioned off this year. More HERE

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Top 5 Reasons why Ottawa is the Best City in Canada

Top 5 Reasons why Ottawa is the Best City in Canada

I hope you all had a Happy Canada Day yesterday!!

I may be biased, but I’m fairly certain that I live in Canada’s most beautiful city, which also happens to be our capital. I moved here just under 4 year ago for school, and initially thought I would be getting the hell out the second I was done school. Winter here is COLD and I don’t do well with cold. But then summer happened, and I fell hard for this city. My reasons why Ottawa is the best city:

1. The Rideau Canal

In the summer, you can bike along it for miles. In the winter, you can skate on it, right up to a BeaverTail booth. Year round, it breaks up the downtown and makes for beautiful views and beautiful sunsets.

Ottawa's Rideau Canal in the summer and winter.
Ottawa’s Rideau Canal in the summer and winter.

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Bigger is Better {Time Lapse Video}

I’ve been a little absent from this blog but now I hope to be back to a regular posting schedule. I’ve got big plans for this website coming in the next few months, including ways fellow artists can get involved so stay tuned 🙂 It will be the best art website you’ve ever seen. Promise.

Adjusting to having a ‘real job’ has been new to me after all these years of the student life. I don’t love waking up to an alarm every morning but I certainly do love having evenings and weekends to do as I please.

The painting below is a commissioned one that I began back when I was still living the dream as a student at Ottawa U. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift from the man in the picture to his wife, but then turned into a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s nice and huge and therefore took a solid chuck of time to paint. But that’s okay, because bigger is better.

In 5 easy steps!
In 5 easy steps!

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Ottawa Timeraiser Recap

This is a long overdue post that I wrote but then forgot to actually post but wanted to give recognition to this great event so that it can get more popular as the years go on. So from the archives…

The 6th Annual Ottawa Timeraiser took place on November 23rd, 2013 at the LeBreton Gallery at the Canadian War Museum. I was honored to be selected as one of the participating artists.

The event raised 4,565 volunteer hours for various charities in the Ottawa community, and also invested $12,317 in the careers of emerging Ottawa area artists. There were 32 incredible nonprofits and over 300 bidders/future volunteers in the room. 24 of the 27 pieces of artwork went for max bid (100 hours), mine included.

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