Trust the Process

Every May for the last 3ish years when I get my domain hosting renewal notice, I contemplate not renewing. $250 for something I rarely use seems a bit excessive yet the idea of closing this down and eliminating it from my history also feels too heart breaking, so I renewed for yet another year. Is there anyone who still reads here? Please say hi! Make me feel like that was money well spent…

Perhaps more people would read here if I actually posted something new from time to time (noted). The good news is, my crazy busy time of the year (Jan-end of March) is finally over, so I’ve had some time to paint lately. I’m currently working on two commissioned paintings, as well as one that will be a gift.

I guess this would be a good time to share a new painting. I can’t take too much credit for this one, as I literally saw it in a store when my boyfriend and I were couch shopping. Being the cheap person that I am, and Do-It-Yourself-er, I snapped a photo, and recreated it at home, literally in a couple of hours between Friday night and Saturday morning. Don’t worry – I am not trying to sell it and take credit for it. I couldn’t find the original artist online anywhere to give credit where it is due, although I did find a site that will reproduce this painting in Asia for very little money and ship it to you… Here is the progression of my version of it.

Miss Piggy – Acrylic on Canvas – 30″ x 30″

I actually love what it turned out as, even though the first few steps looked rough. They always do. If there is one thing experience has taught me, it is to trust the process and not give up early on when it looks awful. It somehow always turns out okay if you just carry on. I’d say that’s good overall life advice and not just for painting.

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