Strings Attached

I’m really not sure what to write about today, but I have a painting I completed this morning that I wanted to share, so I’ll just leave you with that. Here goes.

Yeah you get the point
One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish

And TA DA!

48x20" - Acrylic on three 16x20" canvases
48×20″ – Acrylic on three 16×20″ canvases

A blog reader commented on the first painting I did in this series (of the acoustic guitar) and suggested I title it “Strings Attached.” I love the title, but I’m actually going to use it for the whole series of paintings instead. So this one would be the third in the series. Here it is displayed with the Electric Guitar.

Sorry about the misaligned shelf for anyone who's OCD...
Sorry about the misaligned shelf for anyone who’s OCD…
No more shelf. You can stop squirming.
No more shelf. You can stop squirming.

As someone with no musical talent, experience, or even much interest, I sure do paint a lot of instruments eh? I’m not gonna lie, I actually had to Google search “Saxophone” to get an idea of what one looks like since I don’t think I’ve ever seen one up close… maybe at a concert but I was probably distracted by the yummy musicians… Just being honest!

In other news, now that my blog is self hosted, I was able to create an online store. If you’re interested in this painting, check it out here.

Leave a comment (because I LOVE comments…online equivalent to getting snail mail!) and let me know what instrument you’d like to see next in the series. I’m thinking either a violin or a piano… 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 

Like this painting? The original is available for sale here.




The Bike Chronicles Continue

[First off, did anyone notice that my website is now self-hosted (ie. no more in the site URL so they’re not the boss of me anymore! wooowhoo!!). I took the plunge last night, and man did that take a lot longer and more brain power than those step-by-step tutorials have you believe it will. There are still some glitches, and I would really appreciate it if you could let me know if you come across any. I will be redesigning the whole website soon so stay tuned. Also, now that I’m self hosting I can post videos, so I plan on posting some tutorials in the near future too. Anything specific you want to see, just let me know!]

Now back to our regular scheduled programming…

The story and accompanying painting I’m about to show you comes from last Thursday.

Thursday was just not a good day. Remember my bike that had the front wheel stolen off of it (yes, way back in the fall)… well I’ve spent a good chunk of this week running around the city buying parts to finally fix it. Here is what I was working with:

I know, pretty bad eh?
I know, pretty bad eh?

So I bought a new chain, some lube for the gears, a new wheel, tire, and inner tube, and a new lock (since I forgot the combo to my old one). When I bought this bike 5 years ago, it only cost $199. And now I spent about $100 on these replacement parts. And about 30 hours of my time to find them all, since believe it or not, Canadian Tire does not sell all these things. Neither do bike stores, or if they do, they were sold out. My trek eventually led me to Gatineau to Pecco’s where I found a wheel.

So FINALLY today I was going to revive this old bike, and guess what. Not possible. The junker is beyond repair. The frame got so deformed during the winter that it’s basically garbage. I realized this after getting bike lube on everything. Gross.

Hmm... something's not right...
Hmm… something’s not right…

Okay. Awesome. Looks like we’re heading back to CT and Gatineau to return a bunch of parts.

My main mode of transportation is my bike, and without it, a trip to CT takes me almost 2 hours. Same with a trip to the bike store in Gatineau. And the best part is that I wasn’t given a receipt from the bike store where I spent almost $70, so I’m not even sure I can return the wheel, tire, and inner tube. WOMP WOMP

Naturally,  I came home, vented to my friends and my mom, poured myself a glass of wine (thank you for the wonderful suggestion Alex) and started to paint. I felt like my day was a shit storm, so I painted myself a giant umbrella.

The background was already done from a previous day, and I was actually planning on doing something entirely different with it, but the blue reminded me of rain so I just went with it.

One, Two, Three
One, Two, Three
16x16" - Acrylic on Canvas
16×16″ – Acrylic on Canvas
Side View - Edges are painted
Side View – Edges are painted
Displayed in my room over a Queen sized bed
Displayed in my room over a Queen sized bed

Saturday, I’m off to get a new bike. Which I obviously should have just done from the beginning.

Morale of the story. Don’t try to fix things.

On the plus side, although this bike has caused me a headache and a half, at least I’ve gotten two decent paintings out of it.

Like this painting? The original is available for sale here

Let’s Talk Weather

I’ve been putting off writing a post because I didn’t have anything even remotely insightful to say lately. I’m pretty sure the first rule of blog writing is don’t talk about the weather. Nobody cares about the weather! Well too bad, that’s all I got for ya today! And when the weather spikes from -40 to +10 degrees Celsius all within a week, I’d say that rule is asking to be broken. This painting I’m about to share with you seems appropriate for all the rain we’ve been getting, so sit back and enjoy.

If this painting looks familiar, it is because I painted it in parallel with this one so it essentially has the same colour scheme. It is another one of my comfort painting pieces.

I started with a background with a palette knife then drew some guidelines with chalk
I started with a background with a palette knife then drew some guidelines with chalk
Then I started to add some depth to it
Then I started to add some depth to it

Finally, I added a girl with an umbrella and some shadows, and called it a day.

Girl with the Red Umbrella - 12x16" Acrylic on Canvas
Girl with the Red Umbrella – 12×16″ Acrylic on Canvas
Side View
Side View
Zoomed in view of the girl with the red umbrella
Zoomed in view of the girl with the red umbrella

I had to swap my rain boots for my winter boots yesterday, although I think the temperatures are dipping down again today so maybe I’ll just skate to school…

So how did you like reading about the weather? Or do you just skim through and look at the pictures so it doesn’t really matter what I write about anyways? Either way, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Hope you’re staying dry!

Comfort Painting

We’ve all heard of comfort food. You know, the food that is easily made, tastes delicious, makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Food that is good for the soul.

So what do I mean by comfort painting? On those days when I just want to sit back and relax and not worry about a thing, I usually engage in what I like to call comfort painting. That is, painting without thinking. There is no end product in mind, just paint going on a canvas step by step. Similar to comfort food, it is simple, enjoyable, and just makes me feel good.

At any given point, I usually have at least 2 or 3 paintings on the go. These are usually the non-comfort painting type. Their culinary equivalent would be that intricate recipe with 100 ingredients that takes 4 hours to prepare and leaves a huge mess in the kitchen. Enjoyable, but only on those days when you really feel like it. Lately, I’ve had no desire to continue tackling those, but I’ve engaged in quite a bit of comfort painting.

Step 1 - paint the background using a palette knife
Step 1 – paint the background using a palette knife
Step 2 - Add some of the foreground
Step 2 – Add some of the foreground
Step 3 - Continue building the foreground
Step 3 – Continue building the foreground
Finished Painting - Acrylic on three 12x16" canvases - Total size 36x16"
Finished Painting – Acrylic on three 12×16″ canvases – Total size 36×16″
Zoomed in Section
Zoomed in Section
Displayed in my room over my bed
Displayed in my room over my bed

I realize these paintings aren’t as interesting to look at as the non-comfort painting type, but while the thermometer is sitting at -39oC (that’s -38F for you American readers out there), I really can’t be bothered to do anything that requires thinking. So as the temperature rises, so will my painting creativity. Fingers crossed that happens soon. Ottawa, I’m over the cold. Let’s move on.

Hope you are all staying warm if you happen to be experiencing this lovely arctic-like weather.

What is your favorite comfort activity on such days? Or comfort food? As I’ve already mentioned, I enjoy comfort-painting, especially if it is paired with something warm and delicious from my crock-pot.

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