Morning Stillness

I do the majority of my painting either early in the morning or late at night. It’s almost a form of meditation for me. I tried to capture the calmness that I feel at that time with this current piece, which I’ve appropriately named “Morning Stillness“.

Morning Stillness

I almost never have to wake up to an alarm (since I work around my own schedule) so I like to start my day off very slowly. Usually with a big breakfast, some coffee, some blog reading, and finally some painting. This whole morning routine usually takes about 2 hours. THEN I start actually getting ready for the day. I know, getting a “real” job come January is going to shake me up a bit!!! I’m trying to enjoy this while I still can.

This painting started off with a rough background with some colors I find very soothing. Then I started to slowly build up the scenery and I added the shape of the two small boats. There is something just so soothing about calm water and wooden boats.

The beginning stages of this painting
The beginning stages of this painting.


After talking about my frustrations with acrylic paint drying way too fast, a number of you suggested I try a medium to retard its drying time. I bought the stuff in the picture below, and oh-my-gawd, it is amazing! $8 very well spent. It allowed me to actually blend the paint for the water and the sky the way I wanted to, instead of it just drying and clumping up mid paint stroke. And you need very very little to get the effect. The picture of the bottle below was taken after I was done this whole painting. I basically put a small amount into a shot glass and would dip my paintbrush in it as I needed it.

Buy this. It's awesome. Seriously.
Buy this. It’s awesome. Seriously.

Oh yeah, so back to the painting. Next I started adding in all the details. Water, boats, mountains…



And ta-da! Done!


How about some close ups?

A boat…
Another boat…
Some mountains...
Some mountains…
A rocky shoreline...
A rocky shoreline…


And here's a side view.
And here’s a side view.
Morning Stillness - 16x20" - Acrylic on Canvas
Morning Stillness – 16×20″ – Acrylic on Canvas


How do you like to start your day? Do you get to ease into it slowly like me, or do you run out the door 5 minutes after waking up?

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