Transitions in Life

Transitions can be exciting. They can also be terrifying. I’m coming up to a huge transition phase in my life in a couple short months. Although I typically love change… finding it new and exciting, this particular transition that’s coming up is actually terrifying me. On December 10th, I’ll officially be done my Mechanical Biomedical Engineering degree. Time for the real world. Oh dear.

I put off being a member of the real world by a few extra years when I returned to school for a second undergraduate degree, and now that that’s coming to an end, it’s even more frightening than it was the first time around. The first time around I thought I wanted to go to medical school so graduating didn’t really mark a clear cut end of student life, just a small break before I return to school. But this time, I don’t plan on returning to school. This time, I’m diving head first into real life. This time, I actually need to find a job and I want to actually love this job.

Progression shots of ‘In Transit’


My paintings are often a reflection of what’s going on in my life, especially since I tend to paint as a way of stress relief. A few weeks ago, I painted a couple of boats, and then again this past week I was drawn towards painting a boat. Boats help us cross an obstacle. They help make transitions possible.

I guess it’s clear what inspired this painting, called “In Transit“.

In Transit - 18x24" - Acrylic on Canvas
In Transit – 18×24″ – Acrylic on Canvas


As terrified as I am, I’m trying to stay optimistic. That’s why this boat is on a bright, sunny beach.


Zoomed in view of boat
Zoomed in view of boat


However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. What if I don’t find a job? Am I going to have to move back in with my parents (who I love dearly, but they’re 700km away… and I’m 26)…? ?


Another zoomed in section
Another zoomed in section


Should I apply to Starbucks? But would Starbucks even hire me with 2 degrees? Maybe I’ll make a separate resume for Starbucks…

Side View
Side view

Just a fraction of the thoughts going through my head everyday. So for now, I leave you with this bright, sunny painting of a boat, that I’ve affectionately named “In Transit“.

I need a job.
I need a job.


How do you feel about transitions in life? Exciting? Scary? Both or neither? 

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