Paintings as Wedding Gifts

In my last blog post, I talked about how if I don’t have a deadline, I let things linger and don’t prioritize them. Luckily, the opposite is also true and this painting is the perfect example of how I buckle down under pressure and get things done! I only had about 2 weeks to finish this painting (the client gave me about 1 months notice, but I was away on vacation for 2 of those weeks) and think it came out pretty great.

This particular one was for a lady who wanted a gift for her groom-to-be on their wedding day. Isn’t that cute? I didn’t know that was a thing, but now that I do, I’m really touched that she trusted me with that. She pointed out 3 paintings of mine that she liked, and said “combine these into something amazing but include a bridge with Clark and I on it – the location where he proposed.” This was the montage of photos I got which show the cute couple and the bridge:

Amy and Clark photo montage
Amy and Clark photo montage

Initially, I was leaning towards a colour scheme similar to After Midnight, but on three separate canvases:




Then at about this point, I decided to go for more of a Leonid Afremov inspired colour scheme:




final middle

And in 2 weeks flat, the painting was done, and delivered to the client literally on the eve of her wedding, so that she could give it to her groom-to-be the following morning. Below are some photos the couple sent me of the painting once they hung it up.

Wedding Painting

I’d like to wish them all the best in their new lives together.

Did you know bride/groom wedding gifts were a thing? What did you get your bride/groom ? Leave a comment below, I’m super curious! 

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Bigger is Better {Time Lapse Video}

I’ve been a little absent from this blog but now I hope to be back to a regular posting schedule. I’ve got big plans for this website coming in the next few months, including ways fellow artists can get involved so stay tuned 🙂 It will be the best art website you’ve ever seen. Promise.

Adjusting to having a ‘real job’ has been new to me after all these years of the student life. I don’t love waking up to an alarm every morning but I certainly do love having evenings and weekends to do as I please.

The painting below is a commissioned one that I began back when I was still living the dream as a student at Ottawa U. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift from the man in the picture to his wife, but then turned into a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s nice and huge and therefore took a solid chuck of time to paint. But that’s okay, because bigger is better.

In 5 easy steps!
In 5 easy steps!

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Scott and Heather’s First Dance

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the holiday season and had a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate. I know I certainly did! Now that Christmas is behind us, I can (finally) start sharing the paintings that were Christmas gifts for various people.

My best friend Shelby’s brother got married recently, so as a Christmas gift for her new sister-in-law, Shelby asked me to do a painting to commemorate their wedding. I was more than thrilled to take this on, although I will admit that I was a little hesitant since I don’t usually paint people, unless they’re very abstract. I knew it was important that the bride and groom look recognizable, so I figured it would be a good challenge. Shelby e-mailed me at least 20-30 photographs from the wedding so that I had an idea of the venue and of course all the people involved. We decided on a scene from their first dance, with all the immediate family members in the background.

Some of the photos that I worked with
Some of the photos that I worked with

I started by painting a rough background of the venue, which was inside a tent.


Then I added some details to the tent, such as the banners and windows.

Details added to the background
Details added to the background

Next, I added a first sketch of Scott and Heather.

Added a rough sketch of Scott and Heather
Rough sketch of Scott and Heather

Then I gave them some skin. How considerate of me.

Added some skin to the couple
Scott and Heather with some skin

Then I started adding the families in the background. I started with a rough sketch of the Mussers.

Starting to paint the Mussers
Starting to paint the Mussers

Then starting adding Heather’s family.

Heather's family

I worked on these 9 people for awhile, slowly building them up. I also wanted to add some of the décor from the wedding, such as a really neat table made out of barrels, as well as show the centerpieces, and a normal table.

Both families are complete
Both families are complete

And finally, the finished product:

18x24" Acrylic on Canvas - Scott and Heather's first Dance
18×24″ Acrylic on Canvas – Scott and Heather’s first Dance
Zoomed in on Scott and Heather. Aren't they beauts?!
Zoomed in on Scott and Heather. Aren’t they beauts?!

Zoomed in on Heather's family

Zoomed in on Scott's family
Zoomed in on Scott’s family
Side-view - I extended the painting along the 1.5" deep edges so that it doesn't need a frame
Side-view – I extended the painting along the 1.5″ deep edges so that it doesn’t need a frame
Side-view of the other side
Side-view of the other side

And again, the finished painting.

18x24" Acrylic on Canvas - Scott and Heather's first Dance
18×24″ Acrylic on Canvas – Scott and Heather’s first Dance

Congratulations Scott and Heather! I hope you two have a wonderful life together. This was a joy to paint for you two, and I hope you enjoy it 🙂

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